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Health and Wellness Coaching


Create and develop *RESILATUDE through mindfulness, to perform better in the workplace and at home.


A holistic approach to support organisations and their people. To acknowledge, recognise, and respond, to prevent stress.


Facilitate workshops, train and coach individuals to create their resilatude. Improving focus, wellness, performance and reduce stress in the workplace and home.


Reduce the impact of stress and presenteeism in organisations. 2009 24% of organisations saw mental health issues as an increasing impact on their business and the workforce. In 2015 this figure has grown to 41%, showing yearly increases.

Help the org to understand how it can support it’s people to achieve their best, individually and for the organisation. Understand the link between wellbeing happiness and productivity.

The organisation and its people to be more at ease with mental health issues in the workplace.

Enable individuals to seek and build supportive relationships that help them be more productive and resourceful.

Mindful meditation - a way to enhance an individual’s wellbeing, and their contribution in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence(EQ) – Understand recognise and manage your own emotions and how you can influence the emotions of others.

BusinessBusiness Programme

Your organisation/people can enjoy increased Team performance, behavioural change, personal wellbeing, decreased occupational stress and improved focus and creativity.






121 Healthcare Coaching121 Health Coaching

Grow your Resilatude. Gain lifelong skill. Improve your Personal Wellbeing. Reduce anxiety and stress. Be the best you can be.





MindfulnessMindfulness Now

Learn how to direct your attention to your body and your breath, to focus in a non judgemental way, enabling yourself to become calmer, reduce negative thoughts, worry, self- criticism …




Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence

Assess your level of EQ, and plan how you can improve and develop your Personal and Social Competences. To become more responsiveness, empathic, self-aware and much more.


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