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Health Coaching programmes

I believe that at various times in our life our bodies and our minds do not operate as effectively as we would like, and coaching enables us to develop and create attitude, thoughts and behaviours that will help us to operate at our best.

My Integrative use of specific Heath coaching methods, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and self assessment tools, are the resources to help you become insightful of the way you deal with life’s challenges. Then together we create your new behaviours and solutions. 

Rude Health Coaching packages

Content 10 x 60
16 x 60
Initial assessment session 75 mins Y Y
Mindfulness sessions/ recordings Y Y
Wellness 360 degree process Y Y
Wheel of Health/life Y Y
Beliefs and values Y Y
Self-discovery / Mind-set Y Y
*Other Practitioner 30 min
(see list below)
Emotional Intelligence N Y
FEE £750 £1096

*Other Practitioners = Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Reflexology, Massage, EFT/Tapping

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