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Business Programme

Mindful workplace, wellness with attitude

These events are for all staff employed within an organisation. Presenting practical information of how wellbeing is linked to people’s performance and productivity. Understand the benefits and techniques of mindfulness for the organisation and the individuals within it.

Some aspects of the Workshop’s contents are bespoke, to capture the Organisation’s needs, language, culture etc

A 5 or 10 session Mind & Body Mindful Maintenance Programme is available, and will be tailored to the requirements of your business.



RAW: Rude Awakening workshop (half day

Realise that resilience and attitude are the most important component characteristics for everyone.

  • Discover and understand how to develop resilience and attitude.
  • Discover how stress affects you in the workplace.
  • Discover the basics of Mindful meditation and how you create workplace improvements.

Minimum number of delegates 5 to max of 15 per workshop held in house - £500 - £1500 per half day


GRIP: Grow Resilatude & Improve Performance (One day)

Follows on from half day RAW workshop

  • Build resilience though Mindful meditation
  • Learn practices to reduce/prevent stress, in changing and challenging situations.
  • Identify situations at work that require resilatude.
  • Understand why building resilatude though mindfulness improves your professional and personal lives.

Minimum number of delegates 5 to max of 15 per workshop held in house - £1000 - £3000 per day


1-2-1 or group coaching: Build Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Resilatude

  • Identify you leadership philosophy
  • Improve self-belief
  • Create coherent communication
  • Build resilatude to cope with challenging situations in the workplace.
  • Identify your level of Emotional Intelligence and plan how to develop it.
  • Discover how Mindful meditation improves your focus, performance, creativity and wellness

Minimum number of delegates 5 to max of 8 per group coaching held in house  £1250 - £2000 per day

121 - 6 x 60 min sessions = £630


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