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Please take a look at some of the testimonials from our delighted clients.

Benefits and enjoyment of participating in a Rude Health Training Workshop.

D Peel

“I attended the Mindfulness workshop as not knowing what it is about I wanted to gain some knowledge and was hoping to take a skill or two away with me. Michele is a great speaker and gave some excellent examples to help the audience gain a better understanding some of which have stuck with me. After attending I realised I already have some knowledge based around the mind and already practice meditation which Michele involved the group by carrying out the meditation exercise. I would recommend anyone to attend the workshop as we live in a society where we have become very mindfully conditioned and closed. This workshop will not only open your mind it will also help you think about yourself and ways one can change their habits to live a healthier life.”

M Chavda Ayurvedic practioner

“I would definitely recommend these workshops to others as it was full of information and facts on Mindfulness which gave awareness to the subject. The way it was delivered ensured that the audience was engaged throughout the presentation which was great!”

D Chane ICT Deployment manager

“....It was interesting seeing how other people partook in the mindfulness exercise and I would definitely recommend it to those who are able to take some time out and attend...”

J Jhaj

I have found that coaching opens your mind to view things in another perspective and opens your mind to other ideas or route to help your solve your underlying problems. This is often done by being asked questions in a manner which makes you question your initial thoughts on the matter.......... I do believe to an extent that coaching has let some of my inner held anger go and have made much progress since coaching ......

A Singh, Student

“.... I am able to cope much better with my issues....I would highly recommend Michele, as in each session many things come up and now it is great to be able to talk about things that I usually kept inside.....Michele is a wonderful coach and listens.....and each session I have ideas that I would not have thought of and are exactly what I need to help my situation ”

K Bajwah, CS London

“Michele’s strengths are good communication, highly motivational to individuals to develop them and help them listener, excellent interpersonal skills. Her strengths also include being exceptionally encouraging nurturing and supportive”

A Samuels HMCTS

“Michele is approachable and has helped me to feel more positive about how I can influence my career by posing the right questions... An invaluable coaching experience, that has enabled me to fully understand my ambitions”

A A, Business Manager Heathrow

“Michele showed the patience to listen and understand what the person is trying to say/explain. Making me aware that you cannot change the past but you can change the future. She made me re-evaluate aspects of my life that I had taken for granted, as I was able to trust her when discussing things about myself that I had locked away for years and tried to laugh off.

Michele sessions helped me to re-evaluate and prioritise what is important to me. I feel she has done a brilliant job whilst working with me, I would definitely recommend her”.

LS Manager HMCTS

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